Duties of an executor Mandurah

Ever considered the duties of an executor before?

 Are you the nominated executor in a Will?

These are some of your duties as executor:

  • Notify the beneficiaries names in the Will
  • Apply for a Grant of Probate
  • Manage the assets of the estate
  • Value the estate assets
  • Complete tax returns
  • Pay the estate debts
  • Establish trusts
  • Divide the estate.

At Legacy Legal WA we assist our client to ensure that the process of deceased estate administration doesn’t become an unnecessarily burden.

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Estate Administration Mandurah

Are you the Administrator of an intestate deceased estate?  Don’t know where to start?

 Legacy Legal WA should be your first stop for all your estate administration requirements in Mandurah.

With years of experience our team of professionals will assist you with the application for a grant of Letters of Administration and the administration of the estate in general.

With competitive hourly charge-out rates we will take the often emotional task from you and deal with the estate affairs timeously and efficiently.

During this troublesome time, allow the experts from Legacy Legal WA to guide you through this process.

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Wills Mandurah

Legacy Legal WA, an efficient team of professionals that assist the public to draft their Wills in Mandurah.

With years of experience the legal team is able to advise you on individual deceased estate planning needs.

Home-made Wills in Mandurah are the subject of many uncertainties. Home wills are usually drafted with the best of intentions, but fail to achieve the desired outcome.

Don’t put your estate at risk by not having a proper legal will.

Call us today and let us help put your mind at rest.

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Lawyers Mandurah

Do you need the service of experienced lawyers in Mandurah?  Look no further.

Legacy Legal WA is a boutique law firm in Madora Bay, minutes from Mandurah City Centre.

Legacy Legal WA provides legal service of the highest quality at competitive rates in the following law:

  • Deceased Estate Planning
  • Deceased Estate Administration
  • Conveyancing
  • Commercial Law
  • Family Law

We welcome your enquiry and offering you a personalised service.

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Solicitors Mandurah

Are you looking for solicitors in Mandurah?

Legacy Legal WA is situated in the beautiful suburb of Madora Bay, only a few minutes from Mandurah City Centre.

Legacy Legal WA offers a unique deceased estate planning service to the greater Mandurah area, with the highest quality service at competitive rates.

What makes us different to other solicitors in Mandurah?

Taylor-made legal service at affordable rates provided to all our clients.

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